Hyperdrive - Body Blaster Vibration Cushion

Hyperdrive - Body Blaster Vibration Cushion

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If you thought subwoofers generated low-bass frequency, we guarantee
the Body Blaster will challenge your thinking. For use with Playstation, PS1,
PS2, PS3, N64 and PC. (Got a Gamecube or Xbox? Check out Tech Specs to
find out how you can experience Body Blaster) It’s great with action games.
You’ll feel every crash, kick and explosion through your body. 

 We promote the Body Blaster as a Hyperdrive racing accessory, but it has
more uses.

The cushion is ideal for home cinema as well as Playstation, PS1, PS2,
Gamecube, Xbox, N64 and Creamcast.  It is supplied with inbuilt “shaker”,
amplifier, 11.5VAC power supply and connecting leads for Playstation, PS1,
Ps2 and N64.  We can separately supply connecting leads for Gamecube
and Xbox.

The “shaker” is an electromagnetic transducer.

Operating frequency:   Subsonic

Nominal force:    0.68 newton metres (0.5 foot pounds) per watt

Maximum force:    27 newton metres (20 foot pounds)

Voice Coil Impedance:   4 ohms

Rated Power:    18W continuous RMS

Weight:     1.5kg (3.3 pounds)

Dimensions:     120mm (4¾”) diameter x 40mm (1½”) height

The amplifier is 21WRMS into 4 ohm, mono class B output design.  The preamp has
filters and switches to provide sound effects control.  Frequency response starts at
almost DC up to 3khz to amplify kicks, explosions and crashes into the “shaker”.

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