Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System & Throttle Quadrant

Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System & Throttle Quadrant

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Pro Flight Yoke System

Whether you are landing a sea plane on an isolated Alaskan lake, or crossing the Atlantic at the controls of a 747, you will appreciate the quality and realism of Saitek's new Pro Flight Yoke System. Design based on real aircraft and the feedback of pilots to give the best feel and response.


  •  Precision elevator and aileron control through yoke

  •  Separate 3 axis lever throttle quadrant which can be mounted in different ways

  •  Saitek Smart Technology programming software included

  •  Mounting positions for three Saitek Flight Instrument Panels

  •  14 button controls (inc. 6 on the quadrant)

  •  Durable, stainless steel yoke shaft

  •  Built-in chronometer for in-flight timing

  •  Integrated 3 port USB hub

  •  3-position mode switch

  •  Ultra-stable 2 position desk clamp

  • The Yoke also has an  

integrated USB hub so that Multiple Saitek Pro Flight units such as additional Pro Flight Throttle Quadrants or Rudder Pedals (both soldseparately) can be linked together.


Pro Flight Throttle quadrant


If you like to fly multi-engine aircraft, most flight controllers leave you a few throttles short. The Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant is the solution.


Pro Flight Throttle quadrant adds three levers to control additional engines, flaps, gear, spoilers or any other controls you wish to assign. Three two position toggle switches add a total of nine programmable buttons to your simulator cockpit


  •   2 position desk clamp, enabling the quadrant to be mounted in front of or on top of the desk in8 different ways

  •   9 button controls (three controlled at lever minimum position)

  •   Matches the Pro Flight Yoke System to extend your number of axis controls

  •   3 axis levers with interchangeable heads

  •   Saitek Smart Technology programming software included

  •   Can be used with any joystick or yoke Additional Pro Flight Throttle Quadrants (sold separately) can be linked